Over the years, I have built many award winning models for myself and others. My personal roster is almost filled up so the only thing I will be adding is the interior detail work of my favorite buildings... like this scratch built Sawmill and Engine Shed.

So don’t be shy... if you have a model you would like built, feel free to ask for an estimate. If you have a prototype you would like scratch-built, send me a sketch or a picture for a quote. Turnaround time is always dependent on my current work load... but I promise, you will not be dissatisfied. Currently, I am building the Banta Pro-Patria Mill in HO scale for a large railroad in South Houston.

So tell me what you want...removable roof, interior detail, amount of weathering...you name it and I’ll give you a quote and time frame for completion.

Please feel free to fill out the form below or give me a call. 713-876-8687


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